WELCOME to those present & united in prayer with those who cannot be at Mass today in person.

Sunday Mass:  Vigil 5.00pm on Saturday. 8.30, 9.30 & 11.00 on Sunday morning. Please book via Eventbrite, personally after any weekday Mass, or as a last resort via telephone: 613514(Sr Mary Frances) Please note update: if from one household, one ticket only required. Children under 12 – no pre-booking required.

Weekday Mass (except Monday & Saturday this week) at 9.30am – no need to book.

Confessions: Next Saturday from 4.30 – 4.45pm and after Vigil-Mass.

The week ahead: 

Wednesday: St Nereus, Achileus & St Pancras – martyred at Rome in 304 AD.  

*Thursday: Solemnity of the Ascension :40th day of Easter.Masses at 9.30am & 7.00pm.

Friday: St Matthias, Apostle -elected to replace Judas. Great Novena for Pentecost begins.

Saturday: First Holy Communion – Mass at 10.00am.  Invited guests only.

Sunday (next) 7th Sunday of Easter: Communications Sunday – retiring collection.

MAY: “tis the month of Mary. the lovely month…” Visit the new May Altar in church, pray rosary at the shrine or where you can. Take part in Wednesday night’s prayer and procession at 7pm.

Your prayers, please for those who are

ILL: Melissa Makin, Molly McGavigan, Fred Hughes, Tony Gallacher, Ann Campbell and for all those who have asked for our prayers in the parish family: those at home and their carers, those in hospital and residential homes, including the staff, and for all suffering in mind and body, especially those who are alone or anxious: Lord, bless them with your grace and peace.

RECENTLY DIED: Bruce Breckenridge - and for or all the recently bereaved.

ANNIVERSARIES:  Stephen McLean, John McNellis, Canon John Boyle, Fr Felix Connolly.  


First Holy Communion – Saturday 15th May at 10.00am. Admission by invitation only.       Please note: no usual 9.30am Mass/Confessions on Saturday morning because of the above.  

Confirmation -Tuesday 25th May -7.00pm. A busy month lies ahead for St Fillan’s. A very special intention, indeed, for our May Prayer of the Rosary: the children and young people. Also, all those preparing for exams/assessments. Above all, let’s pray for a new growth and flourishing of the faith after the long winter of Covid and persistent and Lockdowns.  

Wonderful to see all in our St Fillan’s School visiting the Shrine, class by class, for a May Rosary and making great use of that refurbished Mary’s Garden Gate. Good, also, to see some of the parents on the ‘school-run’ coming that wee bit early to join in at Mary’s Garden with the class prayers too, before going back home at 3.00pm. Thanks to Sr Mary Frances, Mrs McKenzie and all the staff for coordinating the logistics of these school devotions -making it all possible with all the restrictions still in place.   It’s a tangible expression of the St Fillan’s Family: church, school; and home praying and working together. Keep it going!

MAY DEVOTIONS – in month of Our Blessed Lady. In response to Pope Francis’ appeal for prayer of the Rosary. Our Lady’s Rosary and Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament, concluding with Procession to the garden Lourdes Grotto. Each Wednesday in May at 7.00pm. Good turn out last week despite the unexpected wintry hail. Great to see you turning out in numbers. Well done!

GARDEN BENCHES: the response to last week’s spontaneous Garden Shrine Appeal has been excellent. Thank you to all who have made donations. The new benches will be installed next week. The garden is being transformed into a worthy place of prayer, pilgrimage, grace and peace thanks to the hard work of a small band of volunteers (more needed!) Please continue to visit Mary’s Garden – open to you all.

EVENTBRITE problems booking last week? If any problems using Eventbrite, please book directly – via Sr Mary Frances: email  mcollet4@gmail.com  or  telephone 01505 613514

NEXT SUNDAY: annual special collection for Bishops Conference of Scotland Communications Fund.

SCIAF Wee Boxes – SCIAF ‘WEE Boxes’ – the boxes were made available to intended users in mid-February and the return of the boxes to the church has been delayed by both the severely restricted access to church due to Covid-19 and by other restrictions (still in place!) during and after the Easter festivities.  Please do return your (‘by now overflowing’ !!!!!) box(es) commencing this Sunday 9th May. If you wish to have your contribution considered as a Gift Aid donation to SCIAF, then please do complete the short declaration details located on the bottom of the box.  Thanks to all who have already done so.

When returning your box - If you are attending a weekday or weekend Mass, then please do leave your SCAIF ‘box’ on the plastic container that will be on the bench/pew located nearest to the Exit door of the church. If the church is closed/ locked, then please do leave your box inside the plastic container that will be found just inside the black metal gate leading into the garden and exit of the church. Thank you for your patience in these times and your continued generous contribution to SCIAF.  

Keep safe and well, look out for and pray for each other. Some restrictions seem to be easing, at last. Alas, some remain in force.   It is the month of Mary. Pray the Rosary more frequently and offer-up our any sufferings for our special intention this week: those who are unwell in our parish family at this time. Also, please remember our boys and girls preparing for First Holy Communion this coming-Saturday.  

May the grace of the Lord’s Ascension bring many blessings to you all.