St Fillan’s, Houston.
29th March 2020   Fifth Sunday of Lent (A) - Passion Sunday
Parish Priest: Monsignor Andrew Canon McFadden   -   telephone 01505 612046
Pastoral Assistant: Sister Mary Frances Collett RNDM - telephone 01505 613514
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HOLY MASS – during this time of COVID-19 – is not to be advertised and celebrated publicly, in accordance with decrees of respective authorities (Church & Government) to limit the spread of the virus in our community.  A dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday is granted by Bishop John, given the serious nature of the present pandemic.

However, Holy Mass is and will continue be celebrated for your intentions in St Fillan’s Church each day by Mgr Andrew – but without a congregation, in accordance with the legal requirement. Nonetheless, PLEASE, remember to find time pray at home. Remember keep holy the Sabbath day. (3rd Commandment) Use your Day by Day booklets. It was never imagined they would become so vital. The Readings Page of the newsletter for 5th Sunday of Lent is also attached.  Use this, if you can alongside the  The Parish Mass at St Fillan’s, which  is now broadcast via our Website and You Tube each Sunday from 10am and is available thereafter on You Tube and Facebook to help you keep your Sunday holy.

The following are remembered in Masses this week. Please remember them in your prayers at home:

SICK: Robert McGuire, Jonathan Martin and Canon Bernard J Canning.            All those suffering from the Coronavirus and those who are caring for them. Our Lady of Lourdes – pray for them – intercede for us all!

Recently Deceased: Paul Quigley (London) Archbishop Peter Smith (Southwark)

Anniversaries: Pat Gallagher. Peter Barrett, Sophie McAnulty, Annie Mulholland, Cathlyn & John McLean (Sr) and Betty & Michael Duffy

Thursday - fifteenth anniversary of the death of the great Pope (St) John Paul II, Karol Josef Wojtyla -pray for us!

SUNDAY COLLECTION – finance is becoming quite a matter of concern in the parish without the regular Sunday Mass Collection. Most of all the usual bills still need to be paid and the planned renovation of the buildings is required. I understand it is a worrying time, not least financially, for many of you. But, a sincere thank you to those brave parishioners who have ventured out during “exercise period” this week and placed their offertory envelope(s) through the letterbox of Abbotsfield, aka the Chapel House. As we begin the new fiscal year new offertory envelope boxes, are being delivered. Please keep these safely and place donations aside week by week to be given in as and when safe and possible to do so.  On a serious note, I know that finances for so many are stretched in this time of fearful uncertainty, but please, as far as you can,  continue to support St Fillan’s with your regular envelope donation through the House-door or via Direct-Debit and Standing-Order.  These would be alternative ways of assuring continuity of support of your parish in the present crisis. More details below. Please consider this serious obligation. Our forefathers were mostly very poor, but truly rich in a deep sense of family and faith. They sacrificed much for the Mass, the sacraments and the building and growth of St Fillan’s parish family.  I am confident you  can continue to follow in their faith-filled footsteps and will not abandon your responsibilities towards the practice of your faith at this testing time.

Urbi et Orbi Message and BlessingTo the City (Rome) and the World – what a wonderful, moving and heartening initiative of Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, last Friday evening.   Then follow Menu – Pope – Urbi et Orbi  I recommend you to watch again this very simple but spiritually most powerful prayer of blessing for the whole world at this time of suffering and uncertainty: Do not be afraid.

Finally, despite all that’s happening (or not happening) tonight it’s officially the beginning of British Summertime! Clocks advance one hour. Did you remember?

Keep safe and Every Blessing for Passiontide