8th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 9th October 2022

8th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 9th October 2022

igil Mass (Saturday) 5.00pm. 9.30 and 11.00am Holy Mass on Sunday.  

Weekdays: Holy Mass: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday at 9.30am.  

Confessions: Sacrament of Penance & Reconciliation at 4.30pm on Saturdays.

Last Week’s Special Collection for Building Fund realised £ 468.40. Thank you for your continued generosity. Hoping the weather may improve this week for the necessary scaffolding to be erected and the roofing works to commence above the Hall.  

ILL: Dolly Cameron, Michael McCabe, Tony Gallacher, Mauro Mancini, Daragh McConomy, Vera Campbell (St Aidan’s) and for all those who have asked for our prayers in the parish family: those at home, their carers. Those in hospital and residential homes, including the staff. For all suffering in mind and body, especially those alone: Lord, bless them with your grace.  

DIED: Sarah-Jane Adams (Port Glasgow) Jim Munro (Carluke) Walter Grenier (Canada) and Jimmy Lambie (Balloch)  

ANNIVERSARY: James McAllister, Michael Dever, Keith Stuckey, Bishop John Mone - grant them eternal rest, Lord.  

PAUSE FOR HOPE - an ecumenical service for all those affected by cancer to come together and pray: Fr. John Tormey, St. Aidans, Johnstone, would like to welcome all those affected by cancer to a prayer service on today, Sunday, 9 October at 2.00pm. This service is to bring together those affected by all forms of cancer, their loved ones and carers; to help them to pray for themselves and each other, to remember dear ones lost to cancer, and to pray for those with responsibility for providing and allocating resources required in the investigation, treatment and care of patients with cancer. Tea and coffee will be available afterwards in the church hall - donations of home baking gratefully received.

October: Rosary before each weekday Mass (except when Requiem Mass is scheduled)

This month is dedicated to the Holy Rosary: the great Pope (Saint) John Paul II encouraged us by word and example to pray the Rosary every day. I recently came across this wonderful quotation from his address to families which I attended back in 1984. His words and teaching are as valid as ever:  

“Through the prayer of the Rosary, the Christian family is led each day to contemplate the beauty of the face of Christ and to experience the depth of His love.”

I sense the prayer of the Rosary is more needed than ever.                                                         Every Blessing                                                                 AMcF