4th Sunday of Easter (B)        Vocations Sunday                    21st  April  2024

4th Sunday of Easter (B) Vocations Sunday 21st April 2024

St Fillan’s Houston                                  The Bulletin

Vigil Mass (Saturday) 5.00pm. Holy Mass at 9.30 & 11.00am on Sunday.

Weekday Mass: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 9.30am.

Service of Word and Holy Communion at 9.30am on Wednesday.

Confessions (Sacrament of Reconciliation & Penance) on Saturdays at 4.30pm.

Rosary: before weekday Mass at 9.10am.

Your prayers, please for our parish family: Ryan Mulholland,Maisie Reed,  

Fr Neil Sharp and Paul Kearney - their carers, all those in hospital and our residential homes and for all suffering in mind and body today: Lord, bless them with your grace and peace.

FAITHFUL DEPARTED: Sharon Henderson and Stewart McGonigal. 

ANNIVERSARIES: John Allison, Catherine Casey, George Casey, Molly Duncan, Eileen Gleeson, William Miller, Bruno Ospedale. Fr Joseph Dow, Fr Peter McCahill, Canon Felix McCarney and CanonMichael Gerard Sheridan - grant them eternal rest, Lord.


SPECIAL COLLECTION today for seminary-students’ fund – Vocations Sunday.


COFFEE MORNING: next Sunday - 28th April - for Restoration Fund. This will be held in side chapel after the 11am Mass – please attend and support this Coffee Morning and Raffle.  If you normally attend the Vigil or 9.30am make an extra special effort to attend.  I sense this is a real opportunity to continue to work-together for the restoration of our little church.  


PETITION forms in support of the St Fillan’s Restoration Project are still available both in paper version at the main door and in the online formats. Thanks for those who have already taken one. Please ensure that these petition forms receive maximum support in among your families, neighbours and local community and are completed and returned for next Sunday 28th April.


BISHOP JOHN KEENAN will celebrate a diocesan Pro-Life Mass here in St Fillan’s on Friday 3rd May 2024 at 7pm. There will be an opportunity for social- reception in the garden afterwards (weather permitting) to welcome our bishop and visitors to the village that night.


BUILDING UPDATE: some impressive (and extremely heavy) work undertaken up in hall last week. Well done,Advanced Preservation team. New lintels have been installed above the windows and surrounding brickwork completed.  These are now ready to receive our new windows next month.The focus next week will be to begin cutting out and replacing the old joists, rotting wood floor beams in the hall.

Today is World Day of Prayer for Vocations, “Good Shepherd Sunday”. Pray for those discerning a call to priesthood or religious life. If that is you - please speak to our local Vocations Director, Fr.J Morrison - email vocations@rcdop.org.uk                       AMcF