27th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 2nd October 2022

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 2nd October 2022

  • Vigil Mass (Saturday) 5.00pm. 9.30 and 11.00am Holy Mass on Sunday.  
  • Weekdays: Holy Mass: Tuesday, Thursday & Friday at 9.30am.  
  • Confessions: Sacrament of Penance & Reconciliation at 4.30pm on Saturdays.
  • Today: Special Collection for Building Fund at all Masses.
  • Tuesday: St Francis of Assisi.
  • Friday: Our Lady of the Rosary (First Friday) School will join us for Mass, at 9.30am  
  • October:Rosary before each weekday Mass (except a Requiem Mass is scheduled)

ILL: Dolly Cameron, Michael McCabe, Tony Gallacher, Mauro Mancini, Daragh McConomy and for all those who have asked for our prayers in the parish family: those at home and their carers, those in hospital and residential homes, including the staff, and for all suffering in mind and body, especially those alone: Lord, bless them with your grace.  

DIED: Nellie McNamara (Linwood) and Fr Donald Ewan Campbell (South Uist)

ANNIVERSARY: Charlie Doherty, Henry Cooper and Fr Patrick Rice - grant them eternal rest, Lord.  

CARFIN: thank you to those who took part in the pilgrimage of last week, marking the Centenary of Carfin and the Visit of the Relics of St Bernadette. A memorable and grace-filled moment with authentic weather (!) making it a “true” pilgrimage.

World Youth Day Lisbon 2023 - information evening for the Diocese of Paisley on Thursday 6th October at 7pm. No commitment necessary. Come and hear more about our plans and what it’s like to attend World Youth Day. Provisional dates for travel 30th July – 8th August 2023. We welcome those who are 18 (as of 29th July 2023) through to 35 from across the Diocese. For more information, please contact Fr. John Morrison e-mail: vocations@rcdop.org.uk or phone 01418895056

PAUSE FOR HOPE - an ecumenical service for all those affected by cancer to come together and pray: Fr. John Tormey, St. Aidans, Johnstone, would like to welcome all those affected by cancer to a prayer service on Sunday 9 October at 2.00pm. This service is to bring together those affected by all forms of cancer, their loved ones and carers; to help them to pray for themselves and each other, to remember dear ones lost to cancer, and to pray for those with responsibility for providing and allocating resources required in the investigation, treatment and care of patients with cancer. Tea and coffee will be available afterwards in the church hall - donations of home baking gratefully received.

Have a much-blessed week.                                                                                               AMcF