13th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 26th June 2022

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 26th June 2022

  • Vigil Mass (Saturdays) 5.00pm. 9.30 & 11.00am on Sundays.
  • Weekdays: Tuesday to Saturday at 9.30am.  
  • Thursday: Eucharistic Adoration at 9.00 - 9.30am.     Friday: Rosary at 9.10am.
  • Confessions: Sacrament of Penance & Reconciliation. Saturday 10.00am, again at 4.30pm on Saturday and after the Vigil Mass.  

TODAY: Special Collection Peter’s Pence – in support of Holy See and Pope Francis.

WEDNESDAY: HOLYDAY OF OBLIGATION (Saint Peter & St Paul) Masses at 9.30am & 7pm.   Vigil Mass of the Holyday of Obligation in St Convals, Linwood at 7pm on Tuesday evening.

Your prayers, please, for those in our parish family who are  

ILL: Dolly Cameron, Michael McCabe, Tony Gallacher and for all those who have asked for our prayers in the parish family: those at home and their carers, those in hospital and residential homes, including the staff, and for all suffering in mind and body, especially those alone: Lord, bless them with your grace.                                                                               

DIED: Walter McAllister, Moira McColl, Olive Mulligan and Margaret Brennan.             

THIRD MONTH’S MIND: Molly McGavigan.                                                   

ANNIVERSARY: Jonathon Martin, Anna Doherty, Sheena McAllister, Canon Bernard J Canning and Fr Edward G Costello, Fr Thomas O’Connor - grant them eternal rest, Lord.

MANY CONGRATULATIONS to beautiful baby, Michael Edward Gallagher of Glenartney, recently baptised in St Fillan’s, and to his loving parents India and Kieran, new parishioners. Also, to Louise Parsons of St Fillan’s on being selected as Head-Girl of St Benedict’s High School. Well done! Our very good wishes go to Eddie and Jean Monks on their Diamond Wedding Anniversary. A great milestone for a wonderful couple, thanks be to God. Congratulations, also, to Canon Danny McLoughlin on the fortieth anniversary of his priestly ordination last week. We are all most grateful to Fr Danny for his many years of service here in St Fillan’s and wish him “ad multos annos”, many more blessed and happy years! It’s been, indeed, another week of jubilee. Deo gratias!

REVISED SUMMER SCHEDULE: Monday 4th July until Friday 19th August             the following temporary schedule will apply at St Fillan’s and St Conval’s, Linwood:

  • Sat. Vigil  St. Fillan’s 5.00pm, St. Conval’s  6.00pm
  • Sunday  St. Fillan’s 9:30am ,  St. Conval’s  11.00am
  • Monday, St. Conval’s   10.00am
  • Tuesday, St. Fillan’s   9.30am
  • Thursday, St. Fillan’s   9.30am
  • Friday,  St. Conval’s   10.00am

NEXT SUNDAY: monthly Special Collection for Building Fund (First Sunday of Month)  

PRAYER FOR JUNE: Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in You. AMcF